Bacteria in Lungs

Lung bacteria are often the cause of infection called pneumonia.

We may not realize that when we inhale or breathe, we are susceptible to infection. The leading reasons for infection are commonly from viruses, fungi, parasites, or toxic bacteria. Many people who claim they have this infection complain they have restricted breathing, high fever, coughing, and chest pains. Anyone could get bacteria in the lungs, however it frequent happens with elderly people as their immunity is often reduced. To diagnose bacteria in the lungs, doctors often take an X-Ray to determine which lung is infected.

There are many things to look for if you feel you need medical attention. If you are coughing up brown, green, or yellow mucus (or similar substances from your mouth, also known as sputum), this could be very well due to a severe infection of the lungs. If you are positive your chest is in pain or that you are having a tough time breathing, or all the above, why not ask your doctor about it?

Lungs are a vital part of the human body that aids in the circulation of oxygen.