Facts on Bacteria

Bacteria are some of the most interesting organisms on the face of the planet. They have been on Earth for many years. Bacteria actually predate the dinosaurs themselves. They are found inside and around all living creatures. Their microscopic size prevents them from being seen by the naked eye. There are some bacteria that are very beneficial to the human body, but some can be harmful or fatal. Although many people know of their existence, some are clueless about the facts of these organisms.

The first interesting fact about bacteria is that they have the ability to survive in various conditions for many years. Many scientists believe that bacteria were the only organisms on Earth for over a billion years. Due to the fact that bacteria can survive inside organisms that are located in different conditions on Earth, they are highly adaptable to many environments. They can survive in tough terrains, deep bodies of water, scorching areas, arctic permafrost, and even the atmosphere. There have been many speculations that bacteria would still be on Earth after the extinction of humanity.

A second interesting fact about bacteria is that they can be beneficial to the human livelihood. When people think about bacteria, they associate it with germs and pathogens that can make them sick or die. They try to get rid of bacteria. This notion is partially true, but there are also good bacteria in humans that are very important to the everyday functions of the body. In babies, bacteria from breast milk can be beneficial in fighting off infant diseases. In the bodies of adults, good bacteria can be used in the gut to maintain the body’s digestion and immune systems. Foods like yogurt and supplements are fortified with good bacteria to fight digestive disorders and boost the immune system from illnesses. Not only do good bacteria benefit humans inside the body, but on the outside as well. Humans use bacteria on a daily basis. Bacteria can be used to preserve foods, enhance soil for crops, make cheese and yogurt, and to eradicate solid waste. These uses are beneficial to the daily life of humans.

A third fact about bacteria is that they can be very harmful and fatal to organisms. They have the ability to make people sick. Contagious diseases, such as the common cold and flu, can be spread from bacteria when a person sneezes or coughs. Bacteria in fecal matter can also make a person sick. When a person does not properly wash their hands after using the bathroom, they can infect themselves and others with E. coli bacteria.

There are many facts about bacteria that make them special. Bacteria are some of the oldest organisms on Earth. They are located everywhere and are hard to escape. Bacteria are used to benefit mankind. They are used to create foods and maintain functions, which most people take for granted. Bacteria can also cause people to become sick or die. These attributes make bacteria very fascinating organisms.